Hello, I'm Anita,

experience designer, researcher & strategist.

I've spent 2 years delivering insight driven UX, CX and service design experiences.

I've been working for a fast paced experience innovation firm, where our client projects are a blend of human centered design thinking, customer insight, business growth and product strategy. As part of a close-knit team and at the heart of project executions, I’ve honed my skills in research, analysis, strategy and validated design execution.

My personal ambition is to humanise complex insights to enable nderstanding, alignment and collaboration between teams. I like to do this through 'single source of truth' artefacts (especially maps) and engaging, visual documentation. My methods are grounded in adaptive experience methodologies, behavioural research and qualitative audience validation.

Brand Strategy & Web Design

Differentiating a Private Equity’s brand strategy from a sea of grey competitors.

Case study in progress - ask me about this project

Web Design

Curating a new website and user journey to make the complexity of search intelligence, simple.

Case study in progress - ask me about this project

Exploratory Research

Identifying use cases and opportunities for the complex market of procurement.

Case study in progress - ask me about this project

Let's talk personas vs JTBD, the northern lights, whiskey and sourdough.


My biggest strength is making sense out of mess. I love taking complex industries and ideas, pulling them apart and putting them back together in a meaningful, actionable way. I was once described by one manager as analytical, down to earth and curious and this is something I always aim to be.


With my experience of project planning and writing project proposals, I gravitate to planning and creating visual lists.

I often take a leadership role in projects and love a workplace where I can learn from a great mentor and also practise being a mentor to others. My favourite communication approach is ‘layman terms’ conversation combined with visuals and templates.

I strongly believe in the importance of mixing up your environment, perspective and playlist for clear thinking and creativity. I love to work in an office, surrounded by lots of people to bounce ideas with, have a healthy debate and friday drinks.


I moved to London in 2018 so I could be closer to Europe, northern lights and snow. Even when I’m in Aus, I love snorkelling and heading to Mt Buller. When I’m at home I like to try baking from scratch, mixing classic cocktails or watching the latest documentary.

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